Lunch Crunch M/W/F@11:45-12:45 -Spin/Core Body rock class, designed to burn fat and build muscle. (sign up required see website below) $10 per class

Get Fit with Andrea T/TH @ 12:30-1:30 -High Intensity Interval Circuit Training Class. (sign up required at front desk) $10 per class

Strength Training with Mel M/W @ 5:30am-$5 per class/ $35 per month

Boxing with Vlad Tuesdays 6-8 $10 per class

Tai Chi Tibetan Style -Wed @10am $10 per class

TiAiki External Kung Fu -Fri @6pm $10 per class

TiAiki Internal Kung Fu -Sun @6pm $10 per class

*Classes are a lesser fee when you have a membership at South Town Gym. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact the office. 435-259-5775